Palm Kernel oil is known in Nigeria as Adin dudu amongst the Yoruba, Main Alaidi amongst the Hausa, Nmanu Aki or Eli Aki in Igbo, and Anwe Atahu to my people (Egbura). It is an edible plant oil extracted from the palm kernel, which is the seed found inside the palm fruit. The oil has a strong nutty scent and taste. It has been used by African mothers for centuries, to treat infections, prevent diseases, and for beautiful hair and skin.


Palm Kernel oil can either be dark brown (black) or light yellow (or clear). The difference in the colour stems from the extraction process. The oil extracted via the cold press method is light yellow or clear, while the traditional heating method produces the dark brown coloured oil. In Nigeria, the most commonly found Palm Kernel oil is the dark brown.



Palm Kernel oil is rich in lauric and myristic fatty acids. These give the oil antibiotic qualities and enhances the absorption of the oil into the skin and hair.



  • Soothes the hair and scalp when used as a hot oil treatment.
  • Thickens hair, giving it added volume.
  • Increases the softness and sheen of hair.
  • Looking for a great edge restorer and conditioner? Look no further ‘cause Palm Kernel oil is said to strengthen hair, thus preventing hair shedding or hair loss. It goes without saying that it also aids in hair growth.
  • Moisturises hair and is great in treating dandruff.


  • Has anti-aging properties – Palm Kernel oil is loaded with antioxidants which prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also provides protection against harmful UV rays, other toxins, and harsh weather conditions.
  • It is a great skin moisturiser, making the skin soft, smooth and supple.
  • Cures dry and itchy skin.
  • Restores skin elasticity.

There you have it. Palm Kernel oil seems to be a cosmetic wonder oil. I recently started adding it to my hair treatments (hot oil treatments and deep conditioner) and I’ve seen improvements in the texture of my hair. I’ve also used it to make a facial scrub and my skin didn’t revolt, which is a good sign. Since my skin liked it so much, I mixed a bit into my body oil mix.

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Have you ever used Palm Kernel oil for your hair or skin? What were your results?